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picky-eater-image Red Flags that you have a “picky eater”:
  • Tries to control his/her mealtime  and  refuses to try new foods
  • Picky regarding differing tastes, textures, and smells?
  • Demonstrates a gag response with new/undesired foods?
  • Diet is limited due to strong preferences (only salty foods, carbs, sugar filled foods, etc.)
  • Displays undesirable behaviors or is emotional during mealtime?
Children are grouped according to age and skill level.
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SPOT Kids Therapy is offering another 2-day program next school year!

Enroll your child in our small, intensive readiness class 2x/wk to master a foundation of skills for life and get set for kindergarten!

Licensed experts designed and developed this class to ensure progress & success!

Class starts September 2nd and runs though June 4th. This is all year to ensure your child has mastered skills before kindergarten. We work with your typical school program to allow for optimal carryover of skills developed to get your child READY for K!

Want a guarantee that your child is developing on par with kindergarten readiness skills?  Have you been told your child needs ANOTHER year of Pre-K?  Then this class is right for your child!
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A group for children to build friendships & demonstrate optimal skills with…
  • active / whole body listening
  • small talk with new friends
  • respecting boundaries
  • building and keeping friendships
  • tone of voice
  • supporting self confidence
Included in the program: Sensory Model with Zones of Regulation & Social Thinking Curriculum Call today and give your child the best support and kick start next year with confidence!
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Handwriting-skills-300x201 by Cara Fairfax, LSW & Jenny Burke, MOT, OTR/L Join us on July 30th and Aug 6th 6:30-7:30 at SPOT Kids for an Introduction to Progressive Parenting! Learn how you can maximize your potential as a parent and use progressive measures to support your child and family. Our team of specialists will provide a series of classes to educate parents on the latest behavior techniques, the development behind the skills and you’ll walk away knowledgeable in key areas such as nutrition, handwriting skills, brain development, redirecting behavior, academic readiness & progress, and more! Call to reserve your spot today (858) 459-7768 Save the Dates for these 6 Progressive Classes (all classes are 6:30-8:00 @ SPOT Kids) 8/27, 9/10, 9/24, 10/8, 10/22, 11/12
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057 SPOT Camp SPOT Camp is July 7-11 and Aug 4-8 Build Skills & Smiles this Summer!!
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I just wanted to show you how far we have…

I just wanted to show you how far we have come since last year – new playground, no hesitation, body confidence, bigger kid equipment, went down the slide about 50 times! By the way, handwriting is amazing. Writes math equations with tripod grip, does the math correctly and could not be happier with his achievement — completely legible!


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