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School Therapy

SPOT Kids Therapy is a provider of school-based services to meet student IEP requirements for assessments, consultations and direct therapy throughout the school year. SPOT Kids is an NPA certified agency and upholds the highest standards for quality service and therapy professionals. We also provide therapy specialists to private schools wanting to build a learning center and offer the best in education for students and families. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with our director:

Expert Consultations from our Pro-Moms!

Would you like to speak with a compassionate pediatric expert about your child, but you hope she can relate to you as a Mom? Let’s go Pro-Moms!! We have designed a plan for Moms to access professional women who are also Moms wanting to share their knowledge and expertise. SPOT is building an online scheduling platform to provide these phone consultations nationwide so you can speak with a specialist from the comfort of your home. Our team of pediatric experts will be accessible when they aren’t playing with their own kids :) They are looking forward to providing information, guidance, tips, tools, and to answer questions.  Our scheduling platform is currently under construction and will launch this summer 2017! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  


OT Hugs logo Occupational Therapy treatment helps children to optimize skills for healthy cognition, physical and emotional well-being. OT HUGS (Helps U Get Support) is a blog providing tools and current research on child development. Our Pro-Mom experts will be sharing great information through this blog which will cover a variety of pediatric topics.  The OT HUGS blog will launch this summer with the Pro-Moms site!  

Game for Emotional Intelligence

The founder of SPOT Kids has designed a game to foster emotional intelligence for all. This game is fun for the family, the classroom, and is a unique tool to be used in group homes or at foster/adoption match meetings.  Learn the neuroscience behind emotion, share and relate with others through innovative activities. This game is full of information to help you become a master of emotions. Mindful Masters features three unique characters that represent the mind, body, and spirit – all elements necessary to understand while on a journey to build your emotional intelligence. Launching in the fall of 2017!